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Supporting Humans & Nature

Parks, open space, and public lands provide fundamental benefits and opportunities to address and mitigate climate change while offering co-benefits of equity, health, wellness, and community recreation. BluePoint works with clients to explore how to leverage their lands and facilities to provide the greatest support for the community while finding multi-benefit solutions that can be funded. Our master plans, strategic plans, and implementation plans support vibrant and equitable parks and natural systems.

Pampas Flower

City of Monterey Parks and Recreation Master Plan

City of Monterey

Pampas Flower

Mendocino County Parks Needs Assessment

County of Mendocino

Pampas Flower

Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation Master Plan

City of Half Moon Bay

Pampas Flower

Menlo Parks Parks and Recreation Master Plan

City of Menlo Park

Pampas Flower

Loch Lomond Recreation Area Use Study

City of Santa Cruz

Pampas Flower

Rio Linda Elverta Parks and Recreation District Master Plan

Rio Linda and Elverta

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