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Our Services


Facilitation, Engagement,
& Outreach

Each project requires an engagement approach and process design that builds knowledge, buy-in, authentic input, and creates a foundation for a successful project. 

BluePoint is an expert in stakeholder process design, facilitation, and equitable community engagement and outreach programs.
  • Facilitation

  • Community Engagement

  • Process Design

  • Outreach Development

  • Communication Materials

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Websites and Digital Tools

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

Navigating change, particularly in uncertain times, requires a focused and strategic approach to inform decisions, allocate resources, and manage program and policy development. 

BluePoint leads organizations and agencies in strategic planning, goal-setting, and change management processes to help them refine their mission and vision, hone their capabilities, and strengthen workgroups and work processes.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Retreats and Team Building
  • Strategic Communications
  • Board Goal Setting
  • Prioritization

Policy & Community Planning

BluePoint leads complex planning processes and develops tailored plans to inspire and direct action in a range of topic areas, including climate, energy, parks, open space, and community. We focus on creating equitable and feasible planning documents and tools that respond to the needs of our clients, that are easy-to-understand, well supported, and actionable.
  • Needs Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Action Plans
  • Parks and Recreation Master Planning
  • Climate Action and Resilience Policy Planning
  • Zero Carbon and Zero Net Energy Policy

Implementing Strategies & Action

Big visions and broad goals are only as useful as the ability to implement. BluePoint works with clients and stakeholders to ensure that there is a clear path to implement, helping to understand funding and operational considerations, developing tools to enable action, and outlining steps to move plans forward.
  • Work Plans
  • Operations, Revenues, and Funding Analysis
  • Prioritization
  • Communications, and Resource Guides
  • Training
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