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Want more action and
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Join us at the RAPID Climate Action Network to develop real solutions that can be implemented in the next five years.  This is an emergency and we need to treat it as such!



Climate Mitigation
& Adaptation

BluePoint works with local governments, federal and state agencies, non-profits, and industry to develop strategies, policies, and programs to meet aggressive climate change goals and build community resilience.

Parks &

BluePoint offers extensive planning services for parks, recreation, and open space clients. We develop system master plans, strategic plans, and feasibility studies, including revenue, operations, and maintenance analysis for recreation facilities, operations and programs.


BluePoint offers educational master planning, facilities visioning and strategy, college engagement, and support to Community Colleges and Higher Education institutions. We work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administration stakeholders. 

Citi2Zero, District Zero Net Energy
Zero Net Energy
& Zero Carbon Districts

BluePoint is spearheading an effort to develop community and district-scale solutions for greenhouse gas reductions, water conservation, and alternative transportation.



& Policy 

We focus on planning for change by helping clients and stakeholders establish a clear vision, actionable goals, and focused priorities, backed by solid data and technical planning. Successful implementation is our aim.


  • Strategic Planning

  • Policy Development

  • Master Planning

  • Needs Assessment

  • Market & Demographic Analysis

  • Feasibility Analysis & Studies

Mindy Craig Facilitating
Consensus Building
& Facilitation

We provide expert facilitation and process design capabilities to ensure that complex projects and initiatives are viable and establish buy in and broad support.


  • Facilitation & Meeting Design

  • Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Outreach Planning

  • Graphic Notetaking

  • Stakeholder Management 

  • Retreats, Development & Training



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We work closely with clients to understand their goals, audience, and needs in order to develop successful and targeted communication and education programs. We excel in translating technical information into easily understood materials. 


  • Project & Organization

  • Compelling Graphics

  • Presentation Training

  • Website Development


Project Examples

One Climate Website

Stakeholder and Community Engagement lead for the Santa Barbara County Climate Action Plan

Santa Cruz Storymap_Spanish

Outreach consultation and support for the City of Santa Cruz's Resilient Coast Santa Cruz planning project.

Regional Resilience Toolkit Cover

FEMA/EPA Regional Resilience Toolkit: Communications, Facilitation & Development

BayREN Website

BayREN Communications and Business Plan Development

IDSM graphic_rvd

ZNE Commercial Buildings Action Plan, CPUC, California. Draft Now Available for review.

Half Moon Bay Parks Master Plan, Half Moon Bay, CA. Plan available on website.

Energy Upgrade Website 2010

Statewide Marketing and Outreach; Working Group Facilitation for the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program, 2009 - present, CEC, CPUC

Strategic Plan Solutions

California Workforce, Education & Training Strategic Plan, California Investor Owned Utilities, Lead Consultant

Monterey Recreation Trail

Monterey Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Monterey, CA, Lead Consultant

New Residential ZNE Action Plan

California New Residential Zero Net Energy Action Plan, California, CPUC, Lead Consultant

Visioning Exercise

Mendocino Community College District Strategic Planning

PCC Facility Visioning Workshop

Pasadena Community College Facilities Visioning & Support, Pasadena CA, Lead Consultant

Loch Lomond Recreation Area Study

Loch Lomond Recreation Area Study, Santa Cruz County, CA, Lead Consultant

RCPA SP Framework

Regional Climate Protection Authority Strategic Plan Framework, Implementation

Corte Madera Adaptation Kickoff

Corte Madera Climate Adaptation Plan, Strategy & Outreach Services

Peralta Sustainability Plan Website

Peralta Community College District Sustainability Plan

Group exercises

West Valley Community College School of Design, Strategic Planning Retreat

About BluePoint Planning

BluePoint assists public agencies, local governments, organizations, and nonprofits to better achieve their vision and mission through comprehensive strategic and policy planning services grounded in financial feasibility and market realities. We specialize in complex, multi-stakeholder planning processes, providing facilitative leadership to reach our clients' goals. 
BluePoint Planning was founded by Mindy Craig in 2011. BluePoint Planning is based in Oakland, California and is a certified California small, women-owned business and a certified Alameda County Small, Local Business. 

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Mindy Craig

Mindy Craig

Mindy Craig is the owner of BluePoint Planning and has over 25 years of experience working with government agencies, non-profits, and other organizations. Mindy provides policy and strategic planning, facilitation, communications, and feasibility consulting services throughout California and the United States. She is a frequent speaker at conferences.

Mindy partners with a wide range of firms and professionals, providing technical planning capabilities with extensive community and stakeholder engagement skills. Mindy is dedicated to working on projects that she cares about and that she believes will result in a better community and environment. 

Mindy is the Board President of ReScape California and founder of the RAPID Climate Action Network.

Mindy Craig
Project Associate

Bianca Hutner

Bianca is excited to bring her background in local government climate policy to BluePoint, supporting a range of projects. As a former CivicSpark Fellow at the City of Albany, CA, Bianca did community engagement to promote electrification throughout the City, worked to develop the City's Sustainable Procurement Policy, and outlined their Electric Mobility Plan. She is also passionate about climate organizing, and has worked to lobby for progressive climate legislation in her home state of Massachusetts. She is passionate about creating resilient and equitable communities and looks forward to doing this with BluePoint. In her free time, you can find her sewing her own clothes and getting overly excited about all the fresh fruit that the Bay Area has to offer.

Mindy Craig
Senior Associate

Lauren Schmitt

Lauren Schmitt, landscape architect and planner, is a visionary and strategic capacity builder and impact driver who has worked across the United States involving communities in planning and design for parks, recreation, trails and public lands for more than 20 years. She is an intuitive process designer who creates participatory experiences that engage stakeholders and community members with an inclusive approach. to planning and design.

Mindy Craig
Project Associate

Hayley Padden

Hayley is looking forward to using her experience working with local government in her role as Project Associate. At BluePoint, Hayley will assist in outreach and communications, plan development, and more. Previously, Hayley has worked in the Michigan Legislature, as an AmeriCorps CivicSpark fellow at the Alameda County Water District, and for a political consulting firm that worked on public funding measures. She is passionate about using the power of local government to advance climate resilience and equity. In her free time, she enjoys exploring California's many parks, training for various endurance races, and making jewelry.

Mindy Craig
Project Associate

Yeymi Rivas Reyes

Yeymi is a project and marketing associate for BluePoint providing community engagement, communications, social media, and policy support for our projects. Yeymi is a former CivicSpark Climate Fellow who worked for the City of Berkeley’s Planning Department- Office of Energy & Sustainable Development. While at Berkeley, Yeymi managed monthly Electric Vehicles 101 workshops throughout the East Bay; translated and presented first Spanish-language Electric Vehicle 101 workshop; hosted informational tables at community events on sustainability topics; and interviewed community stakeholders on transportation needs for the 2020 Berkeley Electric Mobility Roadmap. 

Yeymi is a founding member of EV Gals, a new electric vehicle strategy coalition engaged in promoting clean transportation around the Bay. 

Mindy Craig
Office Dog

Frisco the Dog

Walking meetings only

Frisco is lead morale booster and playtime leader. He is passionate about squirrels, balls and walks.