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I-REN Strategic Plan 2023-2027
Focus Areas

I-REN Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Regional Collaboration

Climate, Energy & Resilience

Strategic Planning

Facilitation, Stakeholder and Staff Engagement

Inland Regional Energy Network

BluePoint Planning led the Inland Regional Energy Network (I-REN) in developing a 5-year Organizational Strategic Plan to plan for the launch and roll-out of its programs, to ensure effective and efficient use of CPUC funding, identify clear priorities and actions, and align activities and engagement across REN member agencies. Through a deliberate process, BluePoint helped I-REN staff, partners, and stakeholders work together to develop a clear mission and guiding principles, central goals to inform the development and operation of the REN, priorities and key activities, targets, and metrics for gauging and managing success, and has increased awareness for I-REN and its role in the region. The Strategic Plan was adopted in January 2024, and is used by the internal team and Executive Committee, as well as a public-facing document, to share the direction and focus of the REN with cities, tribes, and other government partners in
the region.

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