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City of Palo Alto Utility Resilience Framework
Focus Areas

City of Palo Alto Utility Resilience Framework

Climate, Energy & Resilience

Strategic Plan


Facilitation, Engagement & Outreach

City of Palo Alto, California

BluePoint worked closely with the City's Utility Managers to develop a community informed Resilience Framework and Strategy for the Utility. The work included a comprehensive effort to engage the community and the Utility's Advisory Committee to establish community resilience goals, define a role and actions for the utility related to resilience, and to establish an implementation timeline for achieving those actions. BluePoint conducted two large community workshops to developed the initial and final Resilience Framework. The workshops featured panels of experts on various types of resilience issues, such as microgrids and regional emergency management, as well as a separate staff panel to discuss specific issues unique to Palo Alto.

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