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Building Regional Resilience Toolkit
Focus Areas

Building Regional Resilience Toolkit

Climate, Energy & Resilience

Regional Collaboration


Facilitation, Engagement & Outreach


BluePoint developed the EPA's nationwide Building Regional Resilience toolkit to help regions plan for climate change, and natural disasters by working across multiple jurisdictions and with non-governmental partners. The final toolkit was released mid-2019 and is currently being used as a national resource. BluePoint authored the comprehensive section on community and stakeholder engagement, including addressing equity. The process included running multiple workshops statewide to vet and refine the toolkit. The Toolkit includes, a coordinated process for meeting many different state and federal planning requirements; communication and outreach guidance and resources for engaging a broad coalition of partners across a region; and a detailed guide for project teams who are conducting vulnerability assessments, creating strategies, writing required plans, and implementing projects.

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