Bay Area Climate Vulnerability Assessment Engagement
Focus Areas

Climate, Energy & Resilience

Equity & Inclusion

Facilitation, Engagement & Outreach

Bay Area Climate Vulnerability Assessment Engagement


BluePoint is leading the design of the Resilient Together Bay Area effort to gather community input on PG&E's Climate Vulnerability Assessment to ensure equitable outreach to a broad range of climate-vulnerable community stakeholders. Our approach relies on a strategic use of engaged CBOs through the creation of a Bay Area Equity Advisory Group (EAG) and through leveraging their networks to reach a greater number of community members in the Bay Area region. The EAG will be a region-specific and disadvantaged community representative advisory group with a commitment to trust building and meaningful dialogue. The goal of the EAG is to provide a safe space for communities to share their concerns and needs, which will be translated onto the technical data and direct project investments.