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& Break Down Silos

Working at the regional scale, BluePoint supports clients' ability to collaborate and align decision-making, policy implementation, and program development across jurisdictions. We help facilitate strong partnerships with government, philanthropy, private sector, and local communities and develop regional-scale plans and strategies to enable action.

Pampas Flower

3C-REN Business Planning, Communications & Support

Tri-County Regional Energy Network

Pampas Flower

Building Regional Resilience Toolkit


Pampas Flower

Santa Clara County Climate Collaborative

Santa Clara County

Pampas Flower

Bay Area Climate Vulnerability Assessment Engagement


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Energy Upgrade California Working Group and Communications

California Energy Commission, Los Angeles County, Alameda County, ABAG

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BayREN Planning, Communications, Strategy, and Support

Bay Area Regional Energy Network

Pampas Flower

I-REN Business Plan and Implementation Support

Inland Regional Energy Network

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