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California Multifamily Zero Carbon Action Plan
Focus Areas

California Multifamily Zero Carbon Action Plan

Climate, Energy & Resilience

Community & District-Scale Planning


California Public Utilities Commission

BluePoint Planning has led the creation of the Multifamily Zero Carbon Action Plan (MZCAP) to push California building energy efficiency levels to the lowest level possible for new and renovated multifamily buildings. The MZCAP aims to spur the creation of multifamily projects that are climate resilient, affordable, and provide a durable sanctuary for residents during a loss of power or extreme weather event. Energy efficiency alone is not sufficient to meet the increased urgency of climate change, equity, and adaptation; multifamily developments require a substantial overhaul to a holistic and integrated design approach that considers the entire building and site as a system. The MZCAP focuses on Passive House approaches to drive energy efficiency and electrification to achieve zero carbon emissions while promoting resilience measures in site design and energy systems.

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